We Can't Cure Corona, But We Can Vaccinate You Against Physical & Sexual Abuse And Harassment.

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Code Yellow

It is a state of mental and physical alertness that is maintained at all times by security professionals. This helps them to be able to see a crime before it could effect them in any way and take precautionary measures.


Predict, Prepare, Protect, Prevent

In Code-Yellow is India's First Public Safety & Security preparedness initiative to help people prepare themselves to be able to Predict, Prepare, Protect & Prevent themselves from becoming a victim to evil intent and action they face in daily life. This could be a fake call from the bank to an assault from a molester or a rapist. An eve-teaser at the bus stop to one who is abusing your kid at school. We prepare you via tailored made international curriculum on Personal Security, that is delivered through 1-on-1's, seminars, workshops, outbound training, boot camps, and combat sports.  

            While the law and its enforcers exist to perform their duties, those who care a little more about their personal safety and security like to keep themselves up to date with personal protection methodologies and tactics to be able to deter crime. Currently, we offer Personal Security Education to women in Colleges & MNC's​ to enhance Women Safety & Security around us and Tactical Life Skills for all those who wish to take their Personal and Professional life to the next level.

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#StayICY Corporate
#StayICY Corporate

Fighting abuse is 80% Mind and only 20% body. If you have successfully identified your abuser before he takes his first step, he most likely won't take that step - CR

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Sri Chaitanya Educational Institute
Sri Chaitanya Educational Institute

Trained over 180 students on personal security awareness and tactics. It was one of our best interactions ever.

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Indian Red Cross & In Code Yellow
Indian Red Cross & In Code Yellow

Personal Security Education Seminar at Warangal, organized by The Red Cross Society - Warangal (U) & the District Administration, Warangal (U).

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Experience Personal safety through personal security !


80% of fighting crime against women is mental and emotional, only 20% is physical. It is the knowledge of oneself under duress, what holds us back from responding accurately to threats, the tactics of the adversary and how we could reach a checkmate before being assaulted, which will help us deter crime than experience abuse and then fight against it. Our core philosophy of - Prevention is Better Than Prosecution, which forms the basis of all our instruction and tactics, has helped many to secure and defend themselves against bad elements in our family, friends, neighborhood, at work or just about anywhere.

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