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Heard of Tactical Life Skills ?


Today, we are looking at learning development as an industry that is over $3 Trillion strong and that is solely responsible for human development - Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, Financially & Spiritually. We have hundreds and thousands of trainers who have achieved certifications from hundreds and thousands of bodies/institutions that claim and/or are genuinely doing justice to the quality of instruction to enhance human development. However, we still have a huge chunk of trainers/instructors (just like any other domain) who are causing deterioration of the subjects they represent.

The only way one can distinguish is the originality of content, the perspective on the subject, the depth of understanding, the effectiveness in instruction, and most importantly the ability of the instructor to talk the walk (speak what one is doing). Such can be termed as inspirational and not motivational.

The Beginning:

It was the start of the BPO sector in early 2000 when the term 'Soft Skills' really went viral. Economy back then was considered booming by many as offshore companies started to look at India as the best destination for English speaking resources for their back end customer support jobs. Soft skills that were earlier considered 'Could Have' had now become a 'Must Have' for every BPO executive. Right from telephone etiquette to foreign culture awareness, everything came into this Soft Skills umbrella. Even subjects like leadership, team-building, attitude architecture, sales, etc were addressed by soft skills trainers. Nothing wrong back then as the world was fairly soft and so, was peer pressure & competition. The world had not yet seen aggression and brutality at a virtual level back then as much as now.


Fast forward to 2020. It will be a waste of our PRECIOUS time to even discuss/debate the existence and degree of aggression and hostility around us. Be it home, society, institutions, or organization. What slowly started building as mental and emotional confinement of expression has today turned into physical confinement, thanks to COVID. Due to the pandemic, the stress levels have skyrocketed due to the physical, mental, emotional, and financial confinement.

In the last week, India has been breaking daily records in the number of new COVID cases being registered. To add to this menace, we have a heating conflict at the Indo-China border that could go in any way. With our adversaries playing information wars (a tactic to spread rumors, malicious narratives to create anger and frustration among masses) things will get a little hotter. And the most vulnerable of us all is our 700 million youth population.

It is critical to power our youth with skills that will help them design the tomorrow THEY DESIRE.

So what can we do?

As citizens, we have great power, with which comes great responsibility. When a nation is subjected to an assault of the kinds we are witness to (Physical - Indo-China, COVID; Economic - Failing SMEs, Salary cuts across domains, layoffs) its greatest strength is its citizens who are capable t o handle themselves in such situations of survival. It is we who can power ourselves with the right skills and knowledge that can help us build a virtual fortress from within that can help our governments (state & center) to focus on what they must to improve this situation. And for all of this to happen, we must be equipped with some hardcore physical, mental & emotional tactical skills.

We call it Tactical Life Skills (#TLS)

Tactical is a term usually used among security/defense professionals. It refers to the combat/response where TIME & ACCURACY matter most. #TLS bring battle strength and toughness into one's personal, social, and professional life and help the participants mitigate fierce competition, failure, rejection, and other oppressive forces, effectively & with a positive attitude. These skills include Tactical Decision Making, Emotional Intelligence, Accurate Thinking, Goal Architecture, Attitude Architecture, Fear Management, Failure Management, to name a few. The very skills, that can force a transformation at the Thought, Feel, and Action level to give you the result that you have designed.

Time to learn how you can convert Pressure To Power, Adversity To Opportunity, Vulnerability To Strength.

What can you do with these skills?

Identify: The first step to effective survival is to be able to identify your vulnerabilities. The same that WILL be used against you by chance or by purpose by your competition. These could be your physical, mental, emotional, financial, skill, or knowledge level weaknesses. What you cannot accept, you cannot change. Secondly, you are able to identify the vulnerabilities in society at large. This will help you in seeing clearly through false narratives and propaganda that are used to create social fear and panic. In the age of information overload and psychological warfare, it is critical for you to be able to identify the facts from fiction and secure yourself from being manipulated by vested thoughts.

Eliminate/Transform: Once you identify your vulnerabilities, it is imperative to neutralize them so you are not harmed by them. In some cases, it is easier to transform one's vulnerabilities into core strengths rather than eliminate them. Most people, due to the lack of knowledge about #TLS, succumb to the depression of being forced/or not having a choice, but to live with their vulnerabilities.

Who is #TLS best suited for ?

Those between the age of 14yrs and 30yrs benefit most out of this form of skills. It is so because they are mostly open to Adapt, Adjust, and Accommodate changes to their way of thought and action that will take them to their desired destination or goal. This age group is sharp and objective. In spite of mild to medium exposure to failure, peer pressure, social conformity, and other subduing forces, they still believe they can achieve what their spirit desires.

Why Now?

Tactically this is the best time to upgrade your arsenal with such skills. While most are mulling, cribbing and getting lazy about their inability to perform, you could be sharpening your axe and skills to be able to chop your obstacles in minimum about of time and with maximum accuracy. The only 2 aspects that will matter in changing times.

What Next?

Reach out and help us understand your #TLS needs and we will design something just for you/your audience. We usually take a week to tailor-make programs so please keep that timeline into consideration.

We look forward to powering you/your audience with the skills of the future.

Best Wishes, Rtn. Chakradhari Rowe

+91 8073680835


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