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Pepper Spray, Tazer Guns... Are they Legal?

The below apps/weapons have been reviewed keeping in mind the following points - During an attack, you will be in panic unless you have been trained to stay calm. During an attack your heart rate is anywhere between 150 to 190 bpm, with irregular breathing, sending less oxygen to your brain narrowing your peripheral vision, your brain secreting neuro-chemicals that in most cases freeze your muscles (unless trained to respond accurately) and do not allow you to respond. Now let's review the options available through applications & otherwise, in the market:

Option 1 - Pepper Spray It is one of the WORST counteroffensives you could think of. Here's why - It takes a min of 4 to 5 seconds for you to take it out of your bag (if you are trained to stay calm) else it's 15 to 20 seconds in panic. As shared earlier the neuro-chemicals freeze you if you haven't grown through rigorous training in physical and mental preparedness. Where you use it is very critical for you and your adversary. If you are in a room or a cab then you dare not use it (especially if it's in motion). If you are in open you'll have to first check the direction of the wind before you can use it. You don't want to use it when the wind is against you. A friend once sprayed a very small amount of pepper spray in a room we were and we couldn't get in till almost a few hours. I sent many messages to the official Bangalore City Police Twitter handle (@cpblr) inquiring if it was legal to use pepper spray. I NEVER got any response. You do not want to take it for granted b'coz the law can be used against you anytime. What I found online in a few places, said - only the NSG was authorized to use it in some cases. Also - there are 2 kinds of Pepper Spray. One that sprays like a Deo (aerosol-based) and the other that sprays liquid (oil-based). Out of the 2 - The oil-based, is safer in case you wanna have some spice in your life. (Plz beware. I've experienced a very minute dose of this and my throat infection lasted a few days) The last thing you need is to inhale the pepper and become an easy victim for your attacker.

IMPORTANT - If you happen to use the pepper spray on anyone, you are advised to report such use to the nearest police station with details of the circumstances that forced you to such an act. Don't forget to tag any eye witness along if that is an option. This is only to secure your safety in case the adversary files a case on you for inappropriate use of non-lethal force.

Option 2 - Stun Gun aka 'Taser' IT IS NOT LEGAL in INDIA. In India, the use of stun guns is subject to legal restriction. Under the Indian Arms Act only licensed police officials, NSG can use it under the situation where its use is found reasonable from the perspective of a reasonable officer who at the time was present on the scene. The law also limits the use to any dangerous individual and not those who passively resist arrest. It is also banned in a few states in the USA and some European countries. You could KILL a man; if you give too much of the current in the burst of anger or shock.

Option 3 - Mobile Phone Applications (with or without Bluetooth triggers) We assume the attacker is a novice dumb f*^k. He doesn't know any technology, has no brains, is uneducated (dangerous to consider your enemy as such a guy). We also assume that you are kidnapped in a cab (driven out of route) the driver/attacker lets you hold on to your cell phone (any cab driver who gets his bookings by an app, today knows that phones can be and are being tracked). He lets you keep your phone and send repeated distress alerts to your loved ones. We assume there is Full Cell Phone coverage with internet 3G/Edge thought out the city and outskirts where you are being driven to. We assume your cell phone is connected to a power bank 24/7 and you never forget to leave home with an uncharged phone or your magic Bluetooth device (watch, band, pendent, etc) Most of these apps have similar features. They send your location to your chosen contacts. When your contacts get the info - They must be someone who checks their phone every time it beeps. Else they will miss your SOS message. When you trigger an alert, most apps send the location at the time of trigger. So if your cab driver is taking you away from your destination, you'll have to keep sending them alerts at every 30 seconds for them to know which way you are heading. Some apps do share the live location but then, draining your battery power will be a challenge. Even before you buy that safety watch or that safety band you'll need to check your cellphone battery life. Leave your GPS and Bluetooth on for an entire day and see how long it lasts. Whatever the time divide it by nearly half as with the device there will be active communication and more battery usage. When your chosen contacts get your location, they have to be able to get to you in time. With city traffic (in all major cities) jammed at all times, every second of yours with your adversary will count. It's not really as easy as they make it look in advertisements that sell these products. End of the day - The product company won't take any guarantee of your life just because you bought their product. Most importantly - the trigger devices (watch, band, etc) are just triggers. If your attacker gets rid of your phone then all you can do with that watch (nothing against the product in the market) is count the last few minutes you have, if you are untrained to secure and defend yourself tactically. There are a few apps that are quite innovative, like - they send your distress signal to anyone using that app around you. But I'm not very sure if that really works and the privacy issues that might surround them. Again if your movement is not being tracked live, then there is NO USE of that app. By the time help reaches that location, you could be at a different one. So, trusting your life on only technology that has NO Tactics, is never my choice for my wife, sister or friend. I train the women I know, to build their minds and body as their ultimate weapons. I train them on Personal Security Quotient - PSQ (like IQ, EQ, etc). If there are any apps, weapons, or safety devices you want us to review - send us details on crspeaks@pm.me or WhatsApp us on +91 807 368 0835 and we'd love to share our take on them. Your Personal Security is our Business coz You are a VIP for your family. About time you considered yourself as one.

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