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NOTE - With this .dll file, forcing itself into every human system these days, it's become quite important to understand how this file must be managed. However, it is a file that must NEVER be deleted.

What is Stress ?

It is an alarm. Sometimes visual, sometimes auditory and most of the time both together. Visual when you see people in animation. Auditory when you can hear them loud and agitated and both when you can feel the vibrations. Now this is what the world knows as stress and this is how it is shown or depicted.

If you want to understand stress, you must go to your kitchen, pull out a pressure cooker, add water, shut the lid, place a weight (whistle) and place it on a lit stove. In a while, you will hear a whistle. That is the pressure being delivered out of the cooker as it has exceeded the amount of pressure it can take. You could call this the auditory release. Lets repeat this process but with a twist. Lets stick the weight (whistle) to the cooker with glue so it can't release the pressure. Now in a bit longer than a while, you will hear a burst. The safety valve, has just got blown up. This is the visual of stress. And this happened because the extra pressure could not find a way out.

Now lets define stress -

Stress is the inability of the mind (cooker) to handle pressure beyond it's currently self-fixed capability.

Unlike the pressure cooker, our mind has an inbuilt hardware and software capability to increase the amount of pressure it can take and still function normally. For example, as civilians we have normal capabilities to handle stress. A soldier has higher capabilities to handle possibly 2 or 3 times the stress what a civilian can. And a special forces operative that indulges in covert operations, is trained to handle extremely stressful conditions that give him special capabilities to last days without food and sleep.

While most people feel, stress is bad, I believe it is a great indicator for one to recognize a need to re engineer their mind and expand their bandwidth in order to take on the additional pressure and turn it into force that will push them to the next level of the game.

I hope this small piece has helped you understand what stress is and how it can be beneficial. If you want to decode your stress.dll feel free to revert and we could help you modify it.

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