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What is Code Yellow ?

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

So what is this Code Yellow ?

In the security domain, Code Yellow represents 2 aspects:

1. The Degree of Alertness:

This is very important in today's times when the tools being used to inflict damage/hurt/loss to man and material are highly technological and have great speed. 50 years back if one had to merely attempt to snatch a chain from a pedestrian, the only mode was probably a cycle to do the act and get away. But it was easy or one to be caught even when on a cycle. Today we have motor bikes. One can get away killing someone in a flash of time. Back in time, we had weapons that needed time to reload. Today we can discharge 30 rounds in seconds.

I could go on with such technological advancements that have shortened the exposure to crime window multi-fold. And hence the need for us to be more alert than before.

2. The Speed of Response:

Only a mind that is alert and is aware of its surrounding can possess the capability to deter crime. Our philosophy of Predict, Prepare, Protect, Prevent is just about that. To predict, one needs to have as much awareness of the surrounding they are in as it is needed to a batsman facing a bowler. You must not just know the capability of the bowler but also the ground, the fielder positions, the weather conditions and a whole lot of other attributes to be able to successfully play a winning shot.

So, Code Yellow is nothing but a state of mind and body, where both are trained as a team, to watch-out for your security and safety at all times. To keep you away from trouble that could hurt you, your family, your friends or any innocent bystanders you could save at that point in time.

Those who have been through such training, enjoy their adventures as nothing comes to them as a surprise. They become the center of command for their friends and enjoy their respect as they not just keep themselves safe, but also extend the safe zone around their friends and family. They enjoy the trust and respect of their clients and customers as they also watch out for them as they have a keen eye for sensing trouble.

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