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What Would Nirbhaya Do, If....

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

The best way to learn the effectiveness of any counter crime tactic or fight back strategy is to test it on a real life situation. Or at best, apply it to a case study of a crime that has happened. This article is to give you a perspective through a hypothetical case of - how it would have been if Jyoti Singh 'Nirbhaya' had attended a PSQ. The objective of this article is to highlight the Personal Security Quotient of one who is trained in the said subject. Anyone who derives any different meaning/intent from this article will be doing so of their own.

So, to give you a better perspective of what Jyoti Singh would have done if she was trained in Personal Security, we'd like to narrate the events of that day, in brief.


1. Jyoti Singh decides to go for a movie with her friend to one of the most expensive malls that is quite far away from her home. So she plans a few things in advance-

She will use the Public Transport (bus) to commute to Select City Mall and back home. The movie ends post sunset. So her first priority to travel would be bus (assuming financial constraints) but if she doesn't get a bus by 20:30 hours, she will take a 3 wheeler (auto rickshaw) back home. So she keeps extra money for a back up plan and is prepared mentally to spend it if needed.

She knows her safety and security is more important to her than losing a few hundreds.

2. The movie ends as per schedule after sunset. As predicted before, she has a challenge to find a bus back home.

3. She begins to receive calls from home that contain worry from parents. So she tells them that she is finding it tough to get a bus back home.

4. She also conveys to her parents that she has a back up plan to take an auto rickshaw in the next 15 mins, though might cost a bit more but will get her home safe.

5. A bus arrives and stops for her to board. She see's there is none but a few guys apart from the driver in it. Her personal security training suggests that she is out numbered and must not get into that bus. As she is retreating, the driver makes an Unsolicited Promise of dropping her safe to her home. She knows that such promises are mostly made to buy trust of the prospective victims by criminals especially at a moment when the criminal needs to push that victim to make that one last mistake that will give complete control over to the criminal.

6. Her education of criminal modus-operandi has clearly indicated malicious intent in her prospective co-passengers. There is no doubt that the bus is a trap.

7. She decides to retreat and she does. She communicates an affirmative yet polite NO to those in that bus and the bus leaves.

8. She decides to go Plan B and reaches home paying a few hundreds, but SAFE.

9. While on her way back home, she calls the police control room and informs them of the bus and her opinion that it could be used for a crime. She gives the police the registration details of that bus that she had noted down. She does this so some other citizen uneducated in personal security doesn't fall prey. She displays 4 critical traits important to build a safe society, namely - CARE, DEPENDABILITY, TRUST & INTEGRITY.


You must be feeling that what is written above is too good to be true or you are probably confused, thinking that if it was so easy to deter a crime, why did it happen in the first place ? Or you are thinking we are trying to blame the victim for what happened to her. Let me assure you, we have no intent of victim shaming. In fact, when you attend a PSQ, you will know what victim shaming really means. Our heartfelt grief with her family who lost their young one.

What you need to do here, is look at the entire case (points in bold, minus your emotions) of what really happened. The principles of crime are no different than passing a board exam. Or any exam for that matter. If you appear for an exam that you aren't prepared for, you will fail. And we believe - LIFE is the greatest exam we face on a daily basis. Crime is a subject. And most people are failing or have a high probability of failing because they haven't studied the subject of Personal Security.

Our Training At Your Institution/Corporation/Academy

Our first training for your audience will be to introduce the subject of personal security. In our first interaction we will speak about the subject of security. How it transcends onto civilians like us. How we hear the term many times every day and yet don't understand how it can shake our world if we don't pay attention to it.

We then speak about how a crime really takes place. This is like solving previous years question paper. It's about finding patterns of criminal intent and being able to understand how we get beaten. Our philosophy at Armored Spirit, is Predict - Prepare - Protect. The core of this philosophy being Deterrence.

Protection Against Criminals Is Better Than Prosecuting The Criminals After We Have Been Victimised.

So, join us in this mission of educating our women and children in Personal Security so they can be in #CodeYellow and protect themselves against malicious intent and action.

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