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#WhereIsMySafety? Over 180,000 Rapes Since #Nirbhaya

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

This article is specifically written for our women readers!

Disclaimer: This is a merciless article. It will either wake you up or strengthen your denial to recognize an epidemic that is victimizing a woman every 15 minutes, out of whom every 4th victim is a minor. So choose your option wisely - Wake-Up or Denial.

So, after 7 long years, those guilty of the crime will be hanged. I see so much of happiness in some people. As if it was due to their constant involvement from the comfort of their couch that this feat was achieved. I won't be surprised if they would forget the pollution problem altogether and celebrate the 3rd of March by lighting up the sky. For the family of the greaved, I stand by them in this celebration that actually isn't. Loss of a loved one cannot be replaced by any sense or degree of justice. But it is an important painkiller for them as they have fought for 7 long years to see this day. For them, I pray from the bottom of my spirit for peace and courage. Sometimes, for a family that has lost a dear one, fighting for justice is a way to stay alive. It gives them a reason to wake up the next day. After the 3rd of March, the family will need more empathy, care, and love. And it will be interesting to see who has understood this need and stand by them.

For 2555 days, while the nation was busy on social media sharing media perspectives, about how the #legal system is and how it has such a delayed mechanism that took 7 long years, they failed to catch up with reality. While we were busy with the #Nirbhaya case, more than 1,80,000 Nirbhaya's happened (1 every 15 minutes, 96 rapes/day). Over 34,000 #rapes in 2018. All of these figures are from the NCRB (National Crime Record Bureau).

The big question now is, now that the Nirbhaya Case will come to an end on the 3rd of March 2020, which will be the next case we or the media would choose to keep the narrative of 'India is the Rape Capital of the world' narrative' alive ?

As long as we are in school or college, our primary source of education/information is the curriculum. But once we get out of that academic system, the media takes the place as a social educator. Needless to say that the role of one who is responsible to educate the society (millions of which form a nation) to be able to identify and eliminate its vulnerabilities and come together as a formidable force to uplift a nation maintaining peace and harmony among themselves. I'm sure none of you are able to relate to such a mandate the media has had to adhere to.

In the last 7 years, isolated cases of abuse against women and children have made it to the BREAKING news category. Some stayed for a week or 2 and most disappeared into the abyss of political rivalries, scams, politicians calling each other out, etc. In this abyss, we lost our sense of accurate thinking. The question we should have been asking ourselves was - Are these the only cases that are happening in our country? Or are there more? If more, then why isn't the media talking about them? And why for heaven's sake are we so obsessed, talking about why the legal system is so slow or the police are so inefficient (which in most cases is not true) or how the politicians are involved. Why aren't we asking.........HOW TO STOP THIS DAMN MENACE?

Just imagine if, for the last 7 years, we had invested our time in discussing how to STOP THIS MENACE. Do you think we could have made some headway into identifying and isolating the cause that has a 96 rape victims/day hit rate? Do you think the cases like the Hyderabad Veterinarian, Kathua, Chennai girl who was raped by her father, would have happened? Do you think Women Safety & Security would have made it to the top of the Election Manifestos of political parties? It seems to me that #SocialMedia today has just become a cribbing platform for people to share and make viral what the media wants the public to keep busy discussing. That, which will yield NO RESULTS. That, which will just be generating online TRP's and Ad sales revenues for the websites and social media platforms + your mobile data revenue.

So, my dear countrywomen (this is your issue so I write this to you), you have time until 3rd of March 2020 to make a firm decision. A decision for yourself, for your daughters, your sisters, for your mothers and for all the women you care for.

Once the Nirbhaya rapists are hanged this case will be closed. I guarantee there will be another case that will be presented to you to discuss for the next few years. Remember there is a rape every 15 minutes. The decision you will have to make is - Will you buy the next rape case and market it for them or will you force the media to question the politicians to give you the PERMANENT Solution to this menace? And the only way to ask this question is to ask together.........

#WhereIsMySafety ? Let's Focus Our Attention, To The Solution.

From this day, let our response to any rape or abuse against women crime report be just one hashtag...... #WhereIsMySafety. Not a single word more and nothing less. Enough of rhetorical comments. Let us push these self-appointed spokesmen of the nation to ask the right question to their panel of experts. #WhereIsMySafety?

This is the time when you as a woman can demand your right to safety and security. But it has to be with complete focus. As I suggested, Let your question resound on every tweet, on every Facebook post, on every blog. on every Whatsapp status. Let India know what you want - #WhereIsMySafety?

We will stand by you till #OurSafetyAchieved!

Wishing More Power to each woman who will join us in this movement.

God bless and #StayICY !



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