#StayICY - Stay In Code Yellow

The Beginning: 

On my way back home from Israel, I happen to glance through a newspaper and my attention froze at a piece written on a crime that had taken place in December of 2012 in Delhi. What intrigued me about that article was the fact that it was one of the many hundreds of pieces written on the same crime/case and neither the content nor the narrative matured over time. They were still blaming the same elements for the crime. On my return, I decided to study the nature of this crime that was taking place against women and realized that the entire nation was being led in the wrong direction. What made me believe so is the fact that the December 2012 case was one out of 24,000 rapes that took place that year. And in 2015 there were 34,000 rapes. 

All the media attention for 5 long years had done no good in helping us reduce the crime. In fact, it grew in numbers. And this was only because, for all of these 5 years, all that we focused on was - whom to blame. 

The New Paradigm: 

With over 70 rapes every day (1 every 20 minutes), we had ignored over 76,650 rapes that took place between 2013 and 2016 (around 180,000 to date in 2019) we focused on the same blame game narrative all the while long. It was time to give the nation a new pair of eyes, which was 6/6, so it could see through the cloud of deception smoke. It was time to educate the nation on the dynamics of crime and how one can secure and defend oneself from malicious intent and action at all times. It was time for Personal Security Education to go live.


Source of Personal Security Education: 


Part of the content for this program came right out of the 'Israeli Close Protection/VIP Protection' module, some came from my past experience of having trained thousands in Tactical Life Skills, some from my research on 'victim and criminal psychology and some from my interactions with professionals from others parts of the world. A combination that has never come together before to tackle a crime that I believe is simple to tackle but not easy to educate about. 

Who Should #StayICY ?

Women who want to experience FREEDOM. By freedom, I mean not being dependent on others for things one can do themselves. And personal safety and security is one important aspect, women today must take as their personal responsibility. Depending on others to secure and defend themselves, must not be an option anymore.

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